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Looking for ways to keep on track as the Holiday season approaches?  Today's #TipTuesday provides 'Ten Ways to Not Bust Your Holiday Budget.'

1. Make A List: Make a list of those you plan to shop for this season.  By doing this, you improve the visibility you have to the expenses you will be facing.

2. Check It Twice: As you cross off items on your list, be sure that you are actually keeping track of how much you're spending vs. how much you thought you might spend.

3. Get Crafty: A growing trend is to make, insetad of buy, some of our gifts.

4. Join the Christmas Club: Christmas Club accounts are still offered by many credit unions, including right here at Compass Federal Credit Union.  These accounts let you put money aside a little at a time to allow you to take the accumulated money out when you need it for holiday shopping.

5. Watch for Sales: Watch for circulars from retailers as well as pre-sale leaks that indicate what some places may be offering.  If these sales match the list you made above, you could be in for some big savings.

6. Get to the Outlets: If your list is somewhat flexible, then Outlet stores could be the place to go this season.  Outlets are a fantastic way to find bargains.

7. Go Old School and Coupon: More than 300 billion coupons are distributed annually in the US and chances are one of them matches with an item on your list.

8. Digital Deals: Digital coupons are on the rise and they are more likely to be targeted to something that might be useful to you.

9. Consider Store Brands: Store brands are becoming quite competitive with their national counterparts, while offering great value.

10. Avoid Shipping Charges: Watch for shipping charges with your online orders.  If free shipping is not offered, consider picking up in store for free, if available.

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