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Vehicle Year/Status



New Untitled Cars & Trucks* 36 Months As low as 1.99%
48 Months As low as 2.49%
  60 Months As low as 2.74%
  **72 Months As low as 3.49%
   ***84 Months  As low as 4.24%
Used Cars & Trucks, 2016-19 48 Months As low as 2.99% 
  60 Months  As low as 3.24%
  **72 Months  As low as 3.99%
  ***84 Months  As low as 4.74%
Used Cars & Trucks, 2012-15 48 Months As low as 3.99% 
  60 Months  As low as 4.24%
  **72 Months  As low as 4.99%
  ***84 Months As low as 5.74%
Used Cars & Trucks, 2011 & older 48 Months As low as 4.99% 
  60 Months  As low as 5.24%
**72 Months  As low as 5.99%
***84 Months As low as 6.74%
New Untitled Motorcycles Up to 60 Months As low as 4.24%
Used Motorcycles Up to 48 Months As low as 4.74%
Tractors (100% of collateral) Up to 60 Months As low as 7.49%
New Snowmobiles Up to 48 months  As low as 4.24%

*Rates includes 0.25% discount for payroll deduction or automatic payment and .25% discount for using a Compass debit card.  APR = Annual Percentage Rate

COMPASS ONLINE USERS: You can submit a loan application online by going to your online banking page. Questions? Give us a call at 342-5300.

** 72 months are for loan amounts of $20,000 or more
***84 months are for loan amounts of $25,000 or more

*Borrow 100% of Sales Market Price not to exceed the NADA Retail Value.

*Collision insurance is not required on auto loan balances under $2,000.

*All secured loans for the purchase of consumer goods require a signed purchase offer or bill of sale. It must include the make model and serial number of the goods being purchased and be submitted with a loan application. The certificate of title must be presented for used cars purchased from individuals. Only first liens will be accepted for car loans and required insurance must be carried.

*The minimum secured loan payment is $100.





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