Credit Card Interest Rates

credit card interest rates near oswego ny from compass fcu

Visa Classic* Junior** Platinum* Platinum with Rewards**
Limit $10,000 $500 $15,000 $15,000
Purchase 9.9% APR 9.9% APR 9.9% APR 10.9% APR
Cash Advance 11.9% APR 11.9% APR 11.9% APR 12.9% APR
Grace Period 25 days 25 days 25 days 25 days
Late Fee $20.00 $1.00 $20.00 $20.00
Over-the-limit No fee No fee No fee No fee

If You’re Looking for Affordable Credit Card Interest Rates, Compass Credit Union is Pointing the Way

You can view Compass Credit Union’s Visa credit card interest rates above.

If you’re looking for a low interest credit card, Compass Credit Union has exactly what you’re looking for. In addition to favorable credit card interest rates, Compass Credit Union provides the buying power of Visa so you can make purchases anywhere that Visa is accepted.

With Compass Credit Union, You Also Get a 25 Day Interest Free Grace Period

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Favorable Credit Card Interest Rates for the Type of Credit Card That’s Right for You

Compass Credit Union offers various Visa credit cards. This includes:

  • Classic – Your standard Visa credit card
  • Junior – Young adults get a head start for financial success by building credit responsibly, including just a $1 late fee
  • Platinum – Includes a higher credit limit
  • Platinum with Rewards – Get two rewards points for each dollar spent

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In Addition to Great Credit Card Interest Rates, Avoid Fees at Compass Credit Union

Compass Credit Union Visa credit cards have no annual fees. You also get peace of mind that comes with no over-the-limit fees.

Get the Financial Flexibility You Need Plus Budget-Friendly Credit Card Interest Rates

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