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Debit Cards from Compass FCU near oswego ny

Are you tired of carrying around your checkbook? Do you like the convenience of a credit card but don't like paying the interest charges? The Compass Credit Union VISA debit card may be a great solution for you.

Experience the Convenience of a VISA Debit Card from Compass Credit Union

Our debit card can be used anywhere an ATM card or VISA card is accepted. It offers you all the conveniences of credit cards without the hassle of making monthly payments. When you use a Compass Credit Union VISA debit card, the money is automatically deducted from your checking account, usually within one to three days.

All transactions are insured 100% against fraud.

Get the security and convenience of a VISA debit card from Compass Credit Union.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Debit Cards:

Q: What is a VISA check card and how does it work?

A: The VISA check card works like all other VISA payment cards, except that it is linked directly to your checking account. It can be used everywhere VISA cards are accepted – including purchases on the Internet – and it is safer than using cash and more convenient than using checks.

Q: What is the difference between a credit card and a debit card?

A: At the point-of-sale, all VISA payment cards work in the same manner, whether in the physical world or on the Internet. Purchases made with a VISA check card are deducted directly from your checking account rather than accessing a line of credit. Together, VISA credit and check cards provide cardholders with a well-rounded payment portfolio, worldwide acceptance and greater product utility over cash and checks.

Q: I’ve heard some consumer groups say that it’s too easy for a thief to clean out a cardholder’s checking account if they get hold of a debit card. Do debit cards put the consumer at risk?

A: Not if you use the VISA debit card. All VISA credit and check cardholders are protected against unauthorized transactions like theft and fraud. Accordingly, VISA check cardholders are protected by VISA's Zero Liability policy, which surpasses protections mandated by federal law. Quite simply, VISA check cardholders are liable for $0 of unauthorized transactions. In the event that unauthorized use depletes a cardholder’s checking account, VISA member financial institutions are committed to providing provisional credit within five business days of cardholder notification.

Of course, VISA's sophisticated fraud-protection systems are quite effective in preventing fraud in the first place, and, as a result of our efforts, fraud accounts for a mere 7 cents per one hundred dollars transacted.

Q: Am I still charged $50 when unauthorized transactions like fraud occur if I don’t report the loss or theft of my card within 48 hours?

A: No. In 2000, VISA enhanced the Zero Liability policy, holding consumers liable for $0 in most circumstances of fraud. Consumers will pay nothing. VISA's enhanced policy protects consumers from the unauthorized use of their credit or check cards for all purchases made on the VISA system, including those transacted on the Internet.

Report Lost or Stolen Debit Cards:

During non-business hours, please report lost or stolen debit cards to the following: 1-833-221-8679

During business hours, report lost or stolen debit cards to the following: 1-315-342-5300

If you have any further questions please feel free to

Give Us a Call at 315-342-5300