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  Minimum Balance Dividend Rate Annual Percentage Yield
Share Certificates  (Share and IRAs)
6 Month $1000 .300% .30%
1 year $1000 .449% .45%
18 months $1000 .598% .60%
2 years* $1000 .747% .75%
3 years* $1000 .797% .80%
4 years* $1000 .797% .80%
5 years* $1000 .797% .80%

Young Bucks Club and Teen Club minimum amount to open a share certificate is $200

*Share Certificate Plus Program: Members who open new share certificates for a term of 2 years or longer will have the opportunity to sign up for the Share Certificate Plus Program. The minimum deposit is $5,000. If rates rise during the term of the certificate, participants will have the option to lock in the higher rate.  Early withdrawal from a share certificate in the Plus Program will result in a  6-month penalty. Standard penalty for a share certificate 2 years or longer without the Plus Program is 3 months.

Effective as of 9/8/2020

The Board of Directors reserves the right to review and change these rates at its discretion .





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